CCKPS News Flash
Upcoming Events

28th August
Hari Raya
(Public Holiday)

4th August
Hari Raya Concert

8th August
National Day Concert

9th August
National Day
(Public Holiday)

11th August
School Holiday

14th & 15th August

18th August
Prelim - Listening Comprehension
(English and Maths)

20th August
P1 Formative Assessment

21st August
Prelim - English (P1)
CA2 - English (P3 to P5)

22nd August
Prelim - Maths
CA2 - Maths (P3 to P5)

25th August
Prelim - MT (P1)
CA2 - MT (P3 - p5)

26th August
Prelim - SC
CA2 - Science (P3 to P5)

27th August
Prelim - HMT
CA2 - P5 HMT

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